Report: Russian Cyberattack Targeted Clinton Days Before Vote


Hillary Clinton’s campaign was targeted by a previously unreported cyberattack in the days leading up to the Nov. 8 presidential campaign, according to a new report. Dmitri AlperOvitch, of CrowdStrike—the security firm hired by the Democratic National Committee—said the attacks were perpetrated via “phishing” emails sent to Democratic staffers and campaign members in an attempt to access their network.

Communications director Jennifer Palmieri said Sunday that, in addition to those emails, she received a Google alert in October that her personal account was targeted by a “foreign state” actor. “They were targeting us throughout the election,” an unnamed former senior Clinton campaign staffer told Yahoo News. “They never stopped trying to get back in.” Read more at YAHOO NEWS.



  1. If, indeed, the attacks occurred, they only exposed the dirt that the Clinton campaign tried to hide. There were no libel, disinformation, or blackmail perpetrated upon Hillary.
    Had there not been many ugly secrets to air out, there wouldn’t have been anything to bring to the public.
    What if all that information had been broadcast by a journalist, as the media SHOULD have done, showing the American citizens who their candidate really was? Don’t the voters have the right to know what kind of a person they are about to elect to the highest office?
    It was a guy in the mikva, a lady at the store, an elf, The Deepthroat….who cares. The truth is the truth, and if it hurt her campaign, it was all her own fault.


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