Report: Sara Netanyahu To Be Indicted Within Ten Days


The prime minister’s wife will be indicted within the next ten days on charges arising from the alleged misuse of public funds, according to a Channel Two report published on Friday.

Netanyahu, a former child psychologist was questioned extensively by police over the allegations by the national fraud squad.

“If the reports are correct, we are talking about ridiculous allegations,” Yossi Cohen, a lawyer for the Netanyahu’s said earlier this month when news emerged of a likely indictment in the case.

“How far will the persecution of the Netanyahu family go? Until the cup of tea that an employee of the residence gave Mrs. Netanyahu’s 97 year-old father on his deathbed while he lived there?”

The investigation is based, in part, on the findings of a report issued in February 2015 by the State Comptroller, which found that Netanyahu had allegedly used state funds to pay for private expenses. Read more at i24NEWS.







  1. Soros and the rest of the PA loving left have been trying to bring Bibi down for years. Unfortunately, they may have just succeeded.

  2. Have you ever noticed that the corrupt radical left-wing judges – who many of them take huge bribes – are never indicted or accused of any wrongdoing?

  3. While the right has a naive notion that elections change a government, the fascist-socialist left infiltrated all the unelected branches of government, such as judiciary and bureaucracy. Hence, through the double standard use of judiciary, the fascist left can sabotage any democratically elected politician. This takeover of the unelected branches of government is taking place all throughout the US, Europe and the medina, most likely orchestrated by Soros and Co.


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