Report: Saudi Arabia To Allow Israel-Bound Flights Through Its Airspace


Saudi Arabia has granted a request by Air India to fly through Saudi airspace en route to Israel, the i24 News website reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the route will service direct flights between Delhi and Tel Aviv. This is the first time the Saudis are allowing flights to Israel to use their airspace.

The new route is expected to cut the flight time between India and Israel from nearly nine hours down to six hours, reducing the airline’s fuel costs.

The report has yet to be officially confirmed by Saudi or Indian officials.

Earlier last year, Air India announced plans to launch direct flights between Tel Aviv and New Delhi to serve the increasing number of Indian tourists visiting Israel as well as Israelis traveling to India as part of growing ties. In recent days, it has been reported that the Israeli Tourism Ministry has offered Air India a $750,000 grant as an incentive to invest in the new route.




  1. Saudis announced that this item is false; they never gave permission for the over flights.
    If whoever made public the fact that the Saudis gave permission should have his tongue cut off or his computer broken. By publicizing it the Saudis had to renege. If it would have been kept quiet it would have been allowed.


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