Report: State Dept. Wants to Screen Nikki Haley’s Comments Before Speeches

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U.S. State Department officials have reportedly asked aides of United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley to clear her public comments with the White House in advance. A report by The New York Times on Thursday cited an email from the State Department urging Haley’s aides to use “building blocks” from the department to prepare her public remarks.

If her comments stray from those “building blocks,” the email reportedly said, her remarks should be “re-cleared with Washington,” as should any commentary “on a high-profile issue such as Syria, Iran, Israel-Palestine, or the D.P.R.K.” Haley, Trump’s top diplomat alongside U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, has been outspoken on major issues ever since she was appointed, with her remarks often at odds with those of the president.

While Tillerson has mostly kept a low profile, Haley has not held back in commenting on foreign relations, even if it means contradicting the president. Haley, who was critical of Trump during his campaign, has openly cautioned him to “never trust Russia” and said Moscow “certainly” meddled in the 2016 presidential election, despite the president’s comments to the contrary. The State Department has yet to comment on the report. Read more at THE NEW YORK TIMES.



  1. when i first saw your headlines on this story, it was clear to me that what i was about to read is going to be critical of the trump administration. the next thing i did was to see where this “story” originated. and then everything was clear to me that this story is very possibly (and probably) either exagerrated or totally “fake news”. read more at the NEW YORK TIMES? you gotta be kidding!

  2. This is not about being at odds with the President. This is about being too pro-Israel and too outspoken against Syria and Iran. That’s the State Dep’t being pro-Arab like usual


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