Report: Thousands of Israeli Arabs, Palestinians Post ‘Death to Jews’ on Their Facebook Profiles


death to jews movess layehudimThousands of Israeli and Palestinian Arabs have added the tagline ‘Death to the Jews’ to their Facebook profiles, Israel’s 0404 News reported on Thursday.

Facebook has been “flooded” with the murderous phrase, written in Hebrew, 0404 said.

An initial inquiry by the website found over 300 profiles of Israeli residents, “from Jerusalem all the way to the towns up north,” bearing the hateful tagline on their pages.

In response, some Israelis posted, “Death to the Arabs” on their profiles, 0404 said. The site suggested that pro-Israel users instead use the phrase “Am Yisrael Chai” (“the nation of Israel lives”) as a less hateful alternative.

“This would be the best response towards these who want to destroy us,” said the report. The website also encouraged Facebook users to take screenshots of pages carrying the phrase “Death to the Jews” and report them to the police.

A day before the report emerged, a different encounter between Jews and Arabs occurred in Israel’s capital city. Activists from both sides launched a collective fast on the anniversary of the launch of Operation Protective Edge last summer, calling for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

The fast, organized by a group called “Women Wage Peace,” will be held for 50 days, the length of Operation Protective Edge, outside of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

The group said its goal is to coax the Israeli government to, “take the initiative and finally propose an alternative to the incessant cycle of wars,” said Marie-Lyne Smadja, the group’s founder.

Amal Abu Rihan Ramadan, an Arabic teacher in Jaffa, the mixed Arab-Jewish suburb of Tel Aviv, expressed a similar hope, calling for an end to “hate and fear.”

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  1. we would all like an end to hate and fear -so when will the arab population stop hatred-filled imans and teachers,TV shows ,etc. from the Arab population which incidentally,the PA promised to do in the Oslo Accords but actually did the oppositie.

  2. It is good that they post this to reveal their true hate of Jews to the world. A hate shared by the European continent and preceeding the State of Israel by 2000 years. It is racism at its purest and is the impetus behind every resolution in the UN. Even Germany (!!!!) is now in the habit of calling the IDF guilty of human rights violations. GERMANY! Without stopping to think about the conditions on the ground when a civilian population fires from its schools and hospitals, indescriminately, upon an entire country- the Laws written by the international community in the Hague to prevent the type of violence created by the Germans were never written for this situation. And they should be adapted.
    Instead, Germany, the great perpertrators feel emboldened to wave their bloody finger. SHAME.


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