Report: Three Arabs Arrested For Sacking Siach Yisroel Shul

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Police arrested three Arabs on suspicion of breaking into the Siach Yisroel shul  in Kiryat Yovel in Yerushalayim, damaging the sifrei Torahwith  acid and wrecking the Aron Hakodesh.

According to the police report, the attack was not antisemitic but rather a burglary. The three criminals broke into the Ahron Kodesh believing there was money in there and poured acid on the sifrei Torah to get rid of their fingerprints.

The burglars also poured bleach wherever they touched – even in a window outside, after leaving the shul, in order to blur their fingerprints. A window that was broken from the inside was used by the burglars to escape after the main door wouldn’t reopen.




  1. Yosef – must say I was thinking the same and I’m sure many others were too. How sad though that we’ve come to this…

  2. But it is possible that they were hired by jews to do this despicable act. After all that area has a very tense atmosphere between the religous and the chilonim. So while the act may have been committed by non jews , it is possible they were hired by Jews

  3. Why are there pictures posted?!? Rav Chaim instructed those who saw it to fast. It is not something to be passing pictures around of…

    • Matzav doesn’t care what the Gedolim say. Whatever can give them more hits, that equals $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Pheh.

      • On multiple occasions they’ve removed inappropriate stuff when requested. They’ve also honored my requests to not post things I typed and then thought better of. I sometimes disagree – strongly – with what they allow, but give credit where it’s due.

  4. Men govern. Trash worse is the grass turd culture of synagogue desecration. Hard turns for the rest of us.

    They should be incarcerated in black holes.

    This is bad.

  5. Interesting! They were so professional,they even brought along acid and bleach to cover up their tracks, but failed to bring along gloves! Smells fishy!

  6. Headline misleading.
    “3 settlers arrested for killing Arab”
    The corrupt Shin Daled decides who gets murdered and who gets the blame for it. Don’t you gullible fools see a pattern here?!

  7. Chacham-exactly what I was thinking-every burgerlar walks around with a bottle of acid in their back pocket but no gloves!
    Plus if they say they saw there was no money in the aron-wouldn’t they steal the Sefer Torah? They know it has value.
    I think this is one immense cover-up, what or why,can’t figure out.


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