Report: Trump Discussing Forming New Political Party

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President Trump has reportedly floated the possibility of starting a new political party as he prepares to leave the White House amid internal struggles within the Republican Party.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Trump has discussed the matter with associates in the last week, suggesting he would call it the “Patriot Party.”

According to the Journal, it’s unclear how serious the outgoing president is about starting a new party. The outlet notes that Trump’s wide base of supporters were not heavily involved in the Republican Party before Trump became the party’s 2016 presidential nominee.

Speculation has grown as to whether Trump will run for the presidency again in 2024. If he did so, it could effectively exclude other viable Republican candidates from pursuing the presidency. Traditionally, third parties have failed to gain enough momentum to challenge the Democratic and Republican parties.

Read more at The Hill.



  1. The Democratic party is going into the trashbin of history with a legacy of a party with the most criminals. The Republicans are not far behind though. President Trump has to change the names of the parties when he’ll be back in 6 weeks be’ezH”Y as there will be almost no one left after the mass arrest starting today at noon.

    So The Hill discusses Trump’s plans, hmm…. Even fake news media know that Biden will not be president and Trump is coming back soon be’ezH”Y.

  2. Very unlikely Trump is serious about this

    He probably wants this speculation because either

    (1)It’s a hint to McConnel and co that if you talk too strongly against me I’ll start my own party and destroy all Republican chances next election.


    (2)He loves the idea of his name in the news and being speculated about as a future candidate.

  3. I’m all for it. There would have to be very intensive vetting to make sure no spineless Rino’s sneak in.
    All we have now is the Demicans and Republicrats. We have a corrupt Deep State swamp one party system here.


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