Report: Trump Wears Bulletproof Vest During Campaign Events

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Reports of Repblican presidential candidate Donald Trump wearing body armor comes after string of rallies marked by angry protests and violent confrontations, DNA INDIA reports.

Republican presidential front- runner Donald Trump has begun wearing a bullet proof vest that reportedly leaves him sweaty and spent after campaign events. The detail is one of the many insights into the Republican candidate’s campaign given in an article in the New York magazine in its latest edition.

“Several months ago, he began wearing a bulletproof vest,” the magazine said citing two sources close to the campaign. “People who know Trump say they’ve never seen him so tired. Several months ago, he began wearing a bulletproof vest…which has added to his discomfort on the stump, leaving him sweaty and spent after events,” the article on Trump says. Read more at DNA INDIA.




  1. does that mean that if mr trump becomes president trump, he will, at all times, wear a bullet proof vest? that is absolutely crazy! what has this world come to?

  2. Secret service is most probably forcing him to do it. However, because he is only a candidate, he is limited as to what amount of Secret Service protection he gets. If he were to win, he would have a much larger detail and the ability to fully control all areas he goes.


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