Report: U.S. Weighing Possibility of ‘Limited’ North Korea Strikes

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The United States is weighing the possibility of launching strikes on North Korea, the Wall Street Journal reports. The strikes, called a “bloody nose” option, would reportedly be a “limited” strike on a North Korean facility, in retaliation for future North Korean weapons tests. U.S. officials are reportedly uncertain if they could conduct the strikes without setting off all-out war.
Strikes on North Korea come with the risk of massive consequences: the isolated country has an arsenal pointed at nearby Seoul, the capital city of U.S. ally South Korea. North and South Korea are also poised to enter diplomatic talks for the first time in two years, potentially paving the way for future deescalation between the two nations. Read more at the WALL STREET JOURNAL.



  1. Bloody nose? Seriously? This guy already has nuclear weapons and will certainly launch them if he is dealt a bloody nose. It’s all or nothing in this situation.


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