Report: US Building Secret Base in Israel to Withstand Iranian Missiles

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The United States is currently constructing a secret army base in central Israel, according to Walla News.

The new base is being built in part due to concerns following Iran’s recent ballistic missiles tests

The possibility of attacks by Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas has led the US to proceed with a project to protect American assets in Israel.

The new base is allegedly being constructed to withstand ballistic missile attacks. The base is said to be connected to the US’s radar facility in Dimona.

David Steger –


  1. This base may protect “American interests in Israel”(one can only wonder since when Israel became an American colony), but does nothing for Israel. The only way to survive is to destroy the mad Iranian mullahs before they grow strong enough to destroy others. Better have a decisive war to the end(none of those UN sponsored “cease fires”) now when Israel still has a military advantage, than wait for the time when the enemy decides to attack.


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