Report: US Mulling First Nuclear Test In Decades In Message To China, Russia


President Donald Trump’s administration discussed the possibility of holding a nuclear test — America’s first since 1992 — as a message to Russia and China, the Washington Post reported Friday.

The newspaper cited one senior current official and two former members of the administration as saying that the discussion was held on May 15.

One of the sources told the newspaper that a show of a “rapid test” capability would be a valuable negotiation tool as Washington seeks to set up a trilateral agreement on nuclear weapons with Moscow and Beijing.

The conversation reportedly produced no decision, and there was no certainty whether the prospect was ever discussed further.

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  1. Russian expert on Russian state TV:
    “Why is Trump better than Biden or Clinton? Because Biden or Clinton would act in support of [global] coalitions. It’s the gathering of all forces against us into one group, one team. When Trump came, he destroyed that team.”

    Trump shooting off a nuclear bombs pulls America out of an important treaty.


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