Report: Virginia Gov Under FBI Investigation

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Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe is reportedly under investigation by the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for $120,000 worth of campaign donations from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang.

According to officials, the investigation of the Democratic governor goes back at least a year and seeks to determine whether the contributions violated the law. An attorney for McAuliffe told CNN that the governor wasn’t made aware that he was the subject of an investigation but that he would cooperate.

Additionally, the investigation has roped in McAuliffe’s involvement as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative, a charitable organization created by former president Bill Clinton. However, the investigation allegedly does not claim that the foundation is at fault but rather strictly focuses on the campaign contributions. Wang, the individual at the center of the investigation, also contributed $2 million to the Clinton Foundation. The investigation is ongoing. Read more at CNN.



  1. Oh stop it. The DEMOCRATS are above the law. They don’t have to get bogged down with all these nitty gritty laws. It’s only those evil white racist Republicans that have to play by the rules. Only they, should be prosecuted.

    • Did you read the article? These contributions are totally legal. Maybe they shouldn’t be, but the Republicans won’t think about repealing the Citizens United decision.

      • did YOU read the article?!?

        “the investigation . . . seeks to determine whether the contributions violated the law.”

        That doesn’t sound like “totally legal” to me


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