Virginia Shooter Kills Himself

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image[Update below.] The man suspected of killing 2 Virginia journalists during live broadcast has killed himself, reports the CBS affiliate where the journalists worked.

This is a developing story.


Suspected gunman in the murders of WDBJ reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman, Adam Ward, during a live morning broadcast outside Roanoke, reportedly has shot himself and is in critical condition. The gunman, identified as Vester Lee Flanagan, 41, was a former station employee who went by the on-air name ‘Bryce Williams,’ the AP reports.

ABC News says it received a fax from someone who claimed to be Bryce Williams, a person on the staff at the Virginia station that saw two employees fatally shot on air, reports the AP.

ABC News says on its website that sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, it received the fax. It describes it as a lengthy document of 23 pages. ABC News says it has turned the document over to authorities. ABC News did not offer any other details.

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  1. When will these employers learn, that you cant abuse your employee’s and not have some backlash? There are a lot of employees who are stressed out because of abusive working conditions. This is bound to happen. I’m not endorsing such acts. I’m just pointing out, the arrogance of some of these employers has got to be curtailed. Treat us like we are humans, not trash! You don’t own us. We are not your personal slaves. Here today, gone tomorrow.

  2. It is absurd that american jews defend the present gun status quo

    One could espouse the Second Amendment

    all they desire

    But how could they answer this:

    Were private citizens in 1790 allowed/entitled to own cannon?
    How about armed frigates?

    Concealed handguns are more dangerous and are the cause of more deaths than any of the above

    It is perfectly fine, and about as much a deterrent for burglars, if you have a shotgun or semiautomatic rifle in your house and you could just as proudly proclaim yourself a gun owner

  3. The rest of the world views with smirking bemusement american resistance towards any change in the gun culture, invoking all the usual mantras e.g.
    “Guns don’t kill , people kill ”
    “ guns have nothing to do with crime”,
    “one good person with a gun, the shooter would have likely been stopped”,etc.,etc.

  4. Pray tell, Mr. Cohen. Would a man prepared to commit double murder and then suicide be scared to follow through on his plans if he knew that he would also be violating a gun law?

  5. working stiff: Thank you so much for ‘not endorsing’ such acts, despite your very convincing morally sound arguments in defense of this poor misunderstood man.

  6. Midwesterner, of course such an individual would be undeterred. However he would not be able to obtain a license if gun permits were restricted to people with serious reasons (as is the case in many countries outside the USA) and he would have been forced to attempt finding a weapon on the black market. Which involves having disposable money to spend (and that individual was, if i may say, a loser and a miserable failure; unlikely that his pockets were very well padded) as well as convincing some lowlife to illegally sell him the firearm (please read his fax and the “animosity” he spits against everyone, African-American men included, and you’ll realize that most criminals would not have dealt with him).

  7. It certainly is time for the truth rather than the ridiculous distortions of the gun grabbing Leftists.

    John Lott has produced studies that show the place that allow legal carry, concealed or open, have much less gun crime and even less regular crime than gun controlled areas.

    How come severely gun controlled Washington DC and Chicago have the highest rate of gun murders? The answer is simple. Laws don’t stop criminals from getting guns and only prevents the law abiding public from protecting themselves.

    Gun free zones should be called free fire zones for criminals and terrorists. Even the armed forces have suffered massacres such as from Nidal Hassan because they were forced to be gun free.

    The chief of police of Detroit has requested that citizens have guns and over 2 years murders and other crimes have fallen dramatically due to law abiding gun ownership.

    The best protection for the public is common ownership of guns by law abiding citizens as has been proven in real life time and time again.


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