Report: WH Looks to Slash UN Funding by 50%

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The White House has instructed the State Department to look for ways to slash over half of U.S. funding for the United Nations, Foreign Policy reported on Monday. Three sources told the outlet that the State Department is eyeing cuts to programs that fund peacekeeping missions, peace talks, vaccinations for children, and nuclear weapons monitoring in so-called “rogue” states like North Korea.

The State Department currently spends approximately $10 billion in annual U.N. funding. The White House has signaled major cuts to the department, and is expected to slash approximately 37 percent of State Department funding in its upcoming 2018 budget proposal. United Nations officials told Foreign Policy that the loss of U.S. funding would leave a sizable budget gap, which other member nations would struggle to fill. Read more AT FOREIGN POLICY.



  1. the above article paints such a pretty picture of what the UN does and when one reads it you begin to wonder why on earth the US would think about slashing funds to them by 50%. what is not said and glaringly omitted in the above article is the horrible things the UN is guilty of such as the obvious bias against israel. how about a fair, balanced report rather than a one-sided report? this would also be considered “fake news”, in my opinion.

  2. Tzedakah begins in your city, you have to take care of the brother within your gates before you can go off to help the world.

  3. The first thing that needs to be completely slashed from the U.S. budget is the UNRWA!! Why should American taxpayers pay for terrorist education and for incitement to murder Jews and Christians.

  4. USA is holding 50% of funds, I was waiting for an eviction notice, and let them all go back home and see how well their own country is doing. When they live in New York they are living in the lap of luxury, they should go home and see how their fellow citizens are doing in their own country and then meet somewhere else then New York, how about Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc. the flash of New York blinds them. The UN head quarters can be then used for condos, apartments, etc. better use.


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