Republican Support For Trump 2024 Run Plummets

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Support for a 2024 run by former President Donald Trump has cratered by 20 points since December, in a stunning poll that illustrates the political bind many Republicans find themselves in.

The new survey from Echelon Insights found that only 45 percent of Republicans would “like to see Donald Trump run for president in 2024,” down from 65 percent in December.

The poll also found solid majority support for Trump’s impeachment and removal, and slightly higher support for banning him from ever running for federal office again — an action that can only be taken if Trump is convicted by the Senate.

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  1. On the day President Trump stepped out of the office he said he “will be back in some form”. A day before, he filed for new political parties. If Trump will be re-inaugurated the beginning of March, the Democrat and Republican parties will go into history this month.

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