Republicans Sue To Stop Wisconsin Vote Certification

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Republicans filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to block certification of the presidential election results even as a recount over Joe Biden’s apparent win over President Donald Trump is ongoing.

The lawsuit echoes many of the same arguments Trump is making in trying, unsuccessfully, to have tens of thousands of ballots discounted during the recount. It also seeks to give the power to name presidential electors to the Republican-controlled Legislature.

Wisconsin state law allows the political parties to pick electors, which was done in October. Once the election results are certified (it’s scheduled to be done Dec. 1), those pre-determined electors will cast their ballots for the winner on Dec. 14.

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  1. Interesting that all the Dominion “glitches” and all the fraudulent ballots glitched to Biden. The Deep State are not only criminals, they’re dumb too. They should’ve programmed the computer and ballots to make it glitch about 20% for the other party. Anyhow, now it’s too late. Dominion machines are over. They’re not allowing anyone to check it but they will be taken to the Supreme Court who will release the fraud for the entire world was also used this machine for their elections.


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