Rescue Efforts In Surfside Halted Over Safety Concerns

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Officials say they have put a temporary halt to search-and-rescue efforts at the site of the Surfside, Florida building collapse over concerns that the remaining standing section of the Champlain Tower.

The concern over the stability of the remaining section of the tower arose after rescue workers heard cracks in the standing structure.

Officials say the stop is temporary and emergency rescue workers will return to their efforts as soon as they can.

The death toll remains at 18, with 145 people unaccounted for.



  1. why don’t they shore up the building with cranes from all sides??????

    those poor souls under the rubble – HASHEM YERACHEIM

  2. i’m sure the engineers that are there dont need suggestions from the rest of us. i also applaud the israeli who said that jews give as much kovod to a dead body as we do to a live person

  3. No. Fake news cover up.
    The reason they halted the rescue effort is so that JOE & DR. JILL BIDEN CAN GET A NICE PHOTO OP! The Bidens are selfish narcissistic misers who couldn’t care less if Floridians die on account of their political visit!

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