Rescued Hostage’s Son-In-Law: ‘We Met And Embraced, They Are Surrounded By Family’

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Idan Bejerano, the son-in-law of Louis Har, who was liberated overnight from captivity under Hamas in a coordinated effort by the IDF, ISA, and Israel Police, shared details of their initial reunion with Aryeh Golan on Kan Reshet Bet radio.

“We embraced upon meeting, signaling the start of a new day,” Bejerano expressed. On Har’s current state, he remarked, “Surrounded by family and children, he wears a smile, yet he hasn’t begun recounting his ordeal. Today, we bring a glimmer of hope to Israel. Louis and Fernando appear resilient. Our joy is palpable, and tears flowed freely during our initial embrace. Remarkably, his concern was more for us than for himself. Louis and Fernando radiate optimism.”

Fernando Simon Marman, aged 60, and Louis Har, aged 70, were freed from Hamas captivity in Rafah during a meticulously executed operation involving the IDF, ISA, and Israel Police.

The duo, alongside Louis’ partner Clara Merman, his sister Gabriela Leimberg, and her daughter Mia Leimberg, were seized by Hamas militants from Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak on October 7. While Marman and Har were rescued, Clara Merman, Gabriela Leimberg, and Mia Leimberg regained their freedom as part of a negotiated hostage release agreement with Hamas in November.




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