Researchers: Men Eat Meat To Feel Manly

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Plenty of fellas are sure to have beef with this research.

Men have a tendency to eat meat so they’re perceived as manly, and changing that gender stereotype could lead to a reduction in carne consumption, according to a UCLA study reported by the Daily Mail.

Psychologist Daniel Rosenfeld and Janet Tomiyama, Ph.D., surveyed 1,706 American adults age 18 to 88 regarding their meat-eating habits, willingness to turn vegan or vegetarian, and their tendency to conform to traditional gender roles.

“First, compared to women, men reported that they eat all types of meat more frequently, including beef, pork, fish and chicken,” the duo explained.

Men who adhere to masculine stereotypes more frequently consume beef and chicken, and show a reluctance toward going vegetarian.

Men who often eat fish and pork do not stick to those rigid ideas of manliness.

Read more at NY Post.



  1. I am happier. I have a way to smack and shame the workday.

    Smash smash smash. I have broken my coconut on my front daring stairway. It really gives me a good feeling and the milk is good.

    No meat today.

  2. Research: UCLA researchers spend time doing researches to justify their existence and excuse the fact that they harm the environment simply because they exist.

  3. And women meat eaters must identify as a Male. Otherwise this study would be proven wrong. But then again if women are from venus then perhaps Mars causes lust for meat. Stupid college entitled bums, who wants to listen to their latest crackhead inventions.

  4. Whatever you say soy-boys. I know why I eat meat – because I like it, period. I am confident-enough to a point where I don’t need to showoff or prove anything to other people. Unlike the soy-boys who are suffering from the pathologically low self-esteem and need constant approval, hence their vegan-cult constant showoff.


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