RESERVE THE DATE: Singing in The Rain: Telethon Event : Monday, June 15

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Those with special needs are always singing in the rain, they endure tough times constantly. They breakthrough the darkness, pain and struggles to spread happiness and sunshine to the world.

But NOW these precious children need us more than ever!

Donate in their honor, BE THE SUNSHINE!

At The Center, we love, support and cherish every family with special needs. The Center is there for the children offering respite, case management and a home away from home so the children can enjoy stimulating activities and nurturing care while their parents tend to the rest of their myriad of responsibilities.

Families with special needs children endure difficulties all the time, it is during this unique time that everyone else is getting a taste of what they struggle with constantly.

But they don’t give up, they don’t quit in despair. Our dear children with special needs breakthrough the pain, darkness, and struggles and share their inner song. They live with a song of hope and bravery and strength, and in their honor, we will sing too, finding the song that’s deep inside us!

Thank you for making a difference for so many special families!

The Singing in The Rain Telethon event, hosted by The Special Children’s Center is in honor of the inner song and joyful spirit of special children and their families! A live streaming and entertaining program by Yaakov Shwekey, Harry Adjmi and many more devoted supporters of The Special Children’s Center. Be inspired by their personal accounts and life’s lessons through these trying times and feel the unity as we sing together! All are invited to register and raise money for the shining children, you’ll truly be a part of the work of The Special Children’s Center!



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