Residents Continue to Be Outraged as U.S.P.S. Planning to Close Main Lakewood Post Office


lakewood-post-officeRichard Hancock, a real estate specialist from the U.S. Postal Service, gave official notice last Thursday night to the Township Committee that it is planning to end services and sell the downtown Clifton Avenue facility.

Hancock said the move is being made because of “dire financial times” for the postal service.

The 18,000-square-foot structure at 19 Clifton Ave., in the heart of downtown, was built 67 years ago.

Postal services, including all registered mail pickup, would be moved to the 1820 Swarthmore Ave. facility in the Lakewood Industrial Park, Hancock said.

Committee members voiced strong opposition to the plan as did about a dozen residents who spoke at the public portion of the committee meeting.

The committee voted on a resolution Thursday night to be forwarded to other governing bodies making it known that it considers the move by the postal service to be extremely inappropriate.

Hancock said he was going to take the comments from the committee back to the officials at the USPS for consideration.

Hancock said there would be a benefit for the town because the building could be sold and could be used as a taxable entity, providing income to the town.

He said the Postal Service was considering keeping some services in the downtown area if the building was sold.

Alice Kelsey, a resident of Lakewood, said the same argument was made by the post office in Freehold, where she lived previously, and the property never made it on to the tax rolls as it ended up being another building used by government.

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  1. now is the time to open a private post office just for lakewood and this might be a catalyst for many new ventures
    postage can be 10 percent less and it will still be a money maker

  2. Just sell it! stop being so sentimental.
    The lines are long and theres no parking.

    Let something useful come out of this property.
    So you drive a few minutes to send a package.

  3. This post office was terrible. Any Jewish wedding invitation was “lost” when mailed from there. Very anti semitic.

  4. The post office did have a reputation for trowing out mass mailing (like chasuna invitations) that were placed in mail boxes rather than brought in person and the lines were forever but I never found them to be Anti Semitic

  5. While I don’t live in Lakewood, I understand your anguish. It’s necessary to save government money so we have to make cuts. Just make sure it’s the other guy that’s getting cut. Cut Newark, cut Monsey, but don’t cut me!

    The post office is in trouble, partly because of people like you and me who use email instead of buying postage stamps, and buy online from companies that use UPS instead of the USPS. Unless we’re willing to pour massive amounts of money into a system that’s becoming partly obsolete, the only solution is to economize. Sure it’s inconvenient, but so is paying for underused plant and personnel.


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