Responding to Greenwood Lake Tragedy: Project Chai Hosts Community-Wide Conference Call Tonight

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The Jewish community is reeling with heartbreak following the tragic news of Rabbi Dovid Traube’s drowning in Greenwood Lake yesterday.

In response to the numerous questions and concerns we have received, Project Chai, the crisis intervention, trauma and bereavement department of Chai Lifeline, will host a community-wide conference call tonight, Monday, August 19, at 9:30 p.m. ET. Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox, Project Chai Director of Interventions and Community Education, will address various psychological, spiritual, parenting, and practical concerns regarding children and adults. readers are invited to call in at (515) 604-9602; access code 660597.
Following the call, a playback recording will be available at (515) 604-9690; access code 660597; reference number 20#.

In addition, Project Chai has issued the following general guidelines for understanding and facing the range of reactions which are sadly common in the aftermath of tragedy, and for providing support and focused care to assist those who will turn to you at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the 24-hour crisis hotline at 855-3-CRISIS or email



  1. It’s very nice what Chai is offering but there needs to be a mass kinus hisorerus and have gedolei yisroel give us some insight and spiritual advice how to effectively deal with these rash of tragedies and offer practical guidelines for yidden to better themselves in different areas

    I think frum blogs and comments on frum websites should be disabled. The amount of loshon hora on a daily basis spewed on these forums is mind boggling.
    Matzav, care to be the trail blazer in this? I know this is your parnassah but I’m sure hashem will find you a more Halachically accepted way of making money

    • “The amount of loshon hora on a daily basis spewed on these forums is mind boggling.”

      You were just oiver LASHON HORAH! How dare you make such a disparaging remark about Kllal Yisroel?!
      How would you even know such a thing?
      You have an eyen rah.

  2. I had a rosh yeshiva, Rav Shaul Brus, and back in those days it was the same as today and terrible tragedies would happen during this time of year. Rav Brus would say that the reason tragedies are so much more prone to happen during this period of the year is because it is bein hazmanim and torah is not being learned in yeshivohs and so klal yisroel doesn’t have the shmira the torah provides during this time period.

  3. If that ls the case, why is there bain hazmanim? Why do schools and yeshivos take off 2 and a half months in the summer?


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