Restaurant Penalized For Serving Pork

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A court ordered Tel Aviv’s Zepra restaurant to serve $700,000 of free food over four months after lab tests indicated that it was serving pork instead of veal.

The restaurant denied wrongdoing, claimed that the tests were unreliable, and testimony of a worker was baseless. This led to a compromise in the class action suit.

{ Israel}


  1. Serve free food? If the restaurant cheated its customers, they should have to pay cash, which people can spend elsewhere, or possibly at this same restaurant if it succeeds in gaining back their trust. I assume the place is not kosher, but still people are entitled to get the food they ordered and paid for.

  2. I would not touch that place with a 40ft pole no matter how free their food is. How do you know that something else isn’t wrong that was not and is not recognized now??


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