Restaurants in Yerushalayim Proudly Selling Chometz

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bread-challahA number of stores in Yerushalayim have been selling chometz this Pesach – and proudly doing so. At the same time, chareidi opposition has waned somewhat, after fighting the chometz battle year after year. “It could be that the chareidim gave up this fight once they realized that they did not win,” was the response of one secular activist quoted in the press.


The Chometz Law prohibits the sale of chometz during Pesach, but more and more stores, owned by chiloni Jews, openly defy the law, selling chometz in their shops and restaurants.


At one time, such activity was cause for demonstration. Today, this happens freely in Yerushalayim.


The stores include Pizza Chili, Link, Iwo Hamburger, and Yehoshua, which, among other stores, are open during the chag and have menus that include beer, spaghetti and bread.


And what does the municipality say? Off the record they explain that they will not send inspectors to enforce the law of chometz without receiving a complaint.

In unrelated chometz news, before Pesach, the Chief Rabbinate announced a program for supermarkets to install in their cash registers that would identify chometzdike items prohibited from sale during the chag. The technological innovation allows the products that are not kosher for Pesach to be removed from the list of products for sale by cataloguing and identifying them according to their barcode. This effectively prevents products containing chometz from being sold accidentally.

{Yair Israel}


  1. first to mention there is a very funny but emessdigge passuk in messeches macois , perek shelishi , elu hen halukin. which goes : ?? ????? ????? ???? ????? ?????? ?? ??? ????? ????
    this is a very nice passuk concerning how to deal with ones own yetzer hora but than again we have got the hiuv to forewarn others not to transgress and i f we don`t do so suffering comes over am isroel. remember what it say in sefer likutey amarim , perek alef daf he

  2. zionists are a threat to jews because they identify themselves as jews and then destroy and mock torah living which by the way means JEWISHNES. this causes many problems two of which i’ll mention,1) they openly distort the torah and its teachings for the sake of “the jewish land”, but since they are “jews” ppl follow them anyway till they are sucked into the vacuum and “judiasm” has nothing to do with them any more, yet they are convinced that what their doing is correct…
    2) they commit atrocities that are forbidden by the torah and then the world sees and its a chillul hashem.

  3. Isn’t that like the ‘frum’ Jews who forget that the Torah calls dishonesty a ‘toeivah’–who then are led away in handcuffs? And how about the ‘frum’ Jews who commit physical abuse for years with people refusing to look closely at him? Using that logic, are all ‘frum’ Jews also a threat because of the atrocities committed that are forbidden by the Torah?

    Or perhaps we should all try to be a bit more balanced in our views.


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