Resurgence in Covid-19 Cases After Israeli Schools Reopen


Israel’s Education Ministry said today that 130 schools and kindergartens have been closed due to staff and students contracting the coronavirus in the past 10 days.

352 students and staff have been diagnosed with the virus in the current wave, and 17,605 are now in quarantine.

298 people have died in Israel from Covid-19 and 23 are currently on ventilators

However, the current rate of coronavirus infection in Israel is not reason for alarm, according to senior health experts. As of last night, Israel had 2,440 active coronavirus cases, a number that has increased each day for about a week.

“We are doing more tests, so we are going to find more carriers,” said Assuta Ashdod Medical Center chairman Prof. Shuki Shemer. He said those who are being diagnosed with the virus in this new peak are mostly school children who may not be sick and are just carriers of the virus.

{ Israel}


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