Revealed: Five Teens Under Arrest In Israel Are Being Held For The Stone Throwing Attack That Killed Mother Of Nine

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The five Jewish teens arrested as part of a major terrorism probe since last week are being held over the murder of a Palestinian woman who died in an October stone-throwing attack in the West Bank.

Aisha Mohammed Rabi, a 48-year-old mother of nine from the nearby village Biddya, was driving with her husband Yacoub and their nine-year-old daughter when Israeli settlers began hurling stones at their vehicle as they drove near a West Bank checkpoint south of Nablus. Rabi was hit in the head and died in hospital shortly after the attack.

The Shin Bet revealed on Sunday that the teens — all of whom are students from the Pri Ha’aretz yeshiva in Rechalim, near the site of the attack — were arrested for serious terror offenses including murder. The Shin Bet said that the morning after the attack a group of far-right activists from the settlement of Yitzhar traveled to Rechalim on Shabbos to brief students of the yeshiva on how to prepare for interrogations by Israeli security agents.

Further details pertaining to the investigation, including the identity of the suspects, remains subject to gag order.

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  1. If this is true, and I am aware allegations are not always true, it is truly heartbreaking.
    It is a tragedy that a human being was cowardly murdered. It is a tragedy that jewish young people would even think of murdering a human being. It is a tragedy that Jews would set up a school system (I hesitate to call that yeshiva) where such ideas are deemed acceptable.

    • Had the situation been reversed, had the victim c”v been Jewish and the rock-throwers Arab, Hamas would be lauding the killers as “heroes” and praising their “resistance” to “the occupation”. Murals lionizing the killers would be painted on buildings in the neighborhoods of the murderers. Abbas and the P.A. would completely ignore the entire incident, refusing to issue any condemnation. On the streets, the murder of an innocent Jew would be celebrated by Arabs standing on corners distributing candies.

      However, with all the above said, I must sadly agree with you.


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