Rick Perry’s Unusually Expressive 2012 Speech In New Hampshire Sparks Rumors He Was Drunk


rick-perry2Rick Perry’s unusually expressive speech to a conservative audience in New Hampshire on Friday has his campaign on the defensive – and critics suspecting the governor had a few too many drinks before taking the stage.

During his remarks at the Cornerstone Action Dinner in Manchester, the Republican presidential candidate seemed to titter at his own jokes, gesticulate wildly, make odd facial expressions and go off on strange tangents.

At one point he said he hoped his audience had gold stored in their backyards because “if they print any more money over there in Washington, then gold’s gonna be good.”

In another quip, Perry riffed on the New Hampshire state motto.

“This is such a cool state. I mean come on. ‘Live free or die.’ You got to love that right?” said Perry. “I come from a state you know where they have this little place called the Alamo and they declared, ‘Victory or death.’ We’re kind of into those slogans, man: ‘Live free or die.’ ‘Victory or death.’ Bring it.”

Later, Perry seems to overreact with delight when his hosts presented him with a bottle of maple syrup.

The speech left Perry observers baffled.

“Really bizarre behavior,” said Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program. “To quote the Nora Ephron line, I will have what he’s havin.'”

“Really loopy,” agreed Mika Brzezinski, his co-host.

Perry “comes off as pretty well drunk,” declared Libby Spencer of Impolitic. “Or drugged. Or just having a nervous breakdown. Or something.”

Perry’s spokesman, Mark Miner, denied the claims, telling the Huffington Post following the speech that Perry is simply “passionate about the issues he talks about.”

Still, late-night talk show hosts ridiculed Perry’s remarks.

“Best case scenario: That dude’s hammered,” said the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart. “Worst case scenario: That is Perry sober, and every time we’ve seen him previously, he’s been hammered.”

A video from the speech has been viewed more than 475,000 times since being uploaded to You Tube over the weekend. While the video has been edited, at least some people who attended the speech affirmed its portrayal of Perry’s performance.

“I find that passion, taken in sufficient quantities, can produce all the effects of drunkenness,” wrote The Washington Post’s Alexandra Petri.

{NY Daily News/Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The edited version of the speech was viewed over 800,000 times. The full 25 minute speech was viewed 400 times. Obviously if you watch a bunch of different pieces put together it may seem Perry is under the influence however if you watch the whole speech you would say he was just animated and loose. You must see the whole speech not to take the governors actions out of context.


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