Collect Tzedakah on Purim and Ride the Non Stop Lipa Cruise!

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lipa-cruisesmallVideo Below: Raise $500 on Purim and earn a ticket to travel the seas with a star. This 3-hour exclusive “Non-Stop” sunset cruise will feature a seudas mitzvah, a kumzitz, and a concert.Proceeds benefit a vital tzedakah organization dedicated to helping Yiddishe kinderlach who struggle with various challenges. Lipa will perform strictly l’shem mitzvah.

The food and the ruach will both be 100% kosher l’mehadrin! This cruise has the bracha and the haskamah of rabbonim. Adult supervision will be present. The cruise will take place during bein hazemanim to prevent bitul Torah. The entertainment will provide a simchahdike, spiritual atmosphere. Children under age 16 require written permission from a parent to attend.

So how do I get onboard?

Collect as much money as you can for this important tzedakah. $500= 1 ticket, $2,000 = 5 tickets.

Simply mail in your check (no cash, please) before May 2, 2009, to the following address:

Diamond Rescue Foundation

C/O Lipa’s Poshiter Cruise

P.O. Box # 297037

Brooklyn, NY 11229

lipa-cruiseReceipts will be mailed to the addresses on checks.

Be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

The cruise is for men only. The exact location of departure will be disclosed solely to those who receive entrance tickets.

A board of askanim is involved in this venture. They include Leon Goldenberg, Yossi Green, Moshe Greenfeld, Dovid Hoffman, Elan Jaffa, Yitzchok Kamenetsky, Chesky Kaufthal, Izzy Kirzner, Chaim Scharf, Sheya Mendlowitz, and Chaim Wolf.

Have questions? Call 917.626.6423 or email

‘Sail’abrate with Lipa on a cruise geared to warm friend’ship,’ great showman’ship,’ and tzedakah sponsor’ship!’

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  1. i personally know this organization – they take kids with drugs and much worse things whose parents cant control them and keep them at home – they bring them into one of their ‘homes’ and be mekarev them and get their lives back in order. The mosed has the backing of all the gedolim.

  2. what a great idea! and its for a great cause. but one thing that bothers me in general is all of the incentives that we have to make to get ppl to give money (chinese auctions…cruises, etc.)

  3. I was wondering about this because in the past I was under the impression that Lipa perform strictly l’shem mitzvah all the time, whats different now? Are you implying that the event was not l’shem mitzvah? how can you say that, the ads read that its for Tzodakah.

  4. you are right that the ads read “its for Tzodkah” but Lipa is still getting paid a nice bundle, BUT when it says L’shem Mitzvah it’s telling us he is doing it for FREE, 100% FREE, don’t be fooled. Hope to see you there.

  5. i assume that there will be NO alcohol or drugs on the boat????? especially if this is for an organization that helps kids with drug and alcohol problems.

  6. hey, all of you. why don’t you stick your noses out of lipa’s paycheck and get going raising money. I don’t understand why you make it your business what Lipa is earning. If you are not helping, you are earning nothing! Keep your eyes on your on priorities.

  7. Dear Jewess,
    why are you so bothered if we show interest in Lipas pay check, after all we want to be sure that he gets his share.

  8. to shmuel. Maybe some jews, like lipa, remember the concept of lishmah! what r we raising $$ 4? whats the organization’s cause and name? can we have a particular success story of this organization? is it only in ny? what robbonim stand behind this?


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