RIDICULOUS: State Education Department Orders Shulamith School To Accept Unvaccinated Kids

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Amid a record-setting nationwide measles outbreak driven largely by New York cases, the Shulamith School for Girls in Cedarhurst  says the state Education Department was wrong to twice overturn the school’s decision to bar Ilana and Nikolay Jinjihashvili’s two unvaccinated daughters after the parents sought a religious exemption.

The Jewish day school is now asking a federal judge to overturn Education Commissioner Mary­Ellen Elia’s orders, calling them “illegal, void and unenforceable.”

“There are schools that have taken the position that under the school’s religious belief, as a matter of Jewish law, students should be vaccinated,” the school’s lawyer, Philip Kalban, told The Post. The parents may have a different and “sincere” belief about vaccinations, Kalban explained, “but they say it’s based on Jewish law, and our position is that Jewish law says just the opposite.”

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  1. The health dept would not tell the ostriches that these vaccinations do not enhance a person’s life but is just postponing the disease until one is exposed to measles and is not up to date with their injections. Although they say that only 3% are exposed to the measles, you never know if you’re from the 3% and then voila! you get the measles as an adult when it’s very dangerous. Had they contracted it as children they’d have gotten the disease mildly, like chickenpox.

    So it’s actually very smart from the State Dept to accept unvaccinated children, giving the other children the opportunity to contract the disease when it’s safe and – the best part of it – they’re immune for life and so are their future newborns for the first 2 years.

    Besides, ACCORDING TO JEWISH LAW, the Torah clearly states “ushmartem me’od es nafshoseichem” (you shall carefully preserve your lives) and not harm your children with fatal injections than can turn them into zombies, autistic, brain damaged or other injuries and shut down their immunity for life. Which is why so many more people are joining the anti-vaxxers.

    • You are so right. ” vaccinations do not enhance a person’s life”. Life was so much better when there was polio around. Or diphtheria. Or when my friend’s child died of a strain of meningitis that now there is a vaccine for.
      If you think measles is like chicken pox, you were obviously born after the vaccine was discovered. If you think children get it “mildly”, please tell that to the people whose children were hospitalized or even died because of measles.
      You really don’t know what you are talking about.


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