Right-Wing Legal Aid Organization Stops Supporting Families Of Jewish Terror Suspects


Haaretz reports that following articles in Haaretz and other media about the right-wing Honenu legal-aid organization, Honenu stopped providing support to families of Jews convicted or suspected of crimes against Palestinians. The group is still providing legal help to the suspects themselves.

Haaretz discovered that in 2014, over half a million shekels of the year’s 2.9 million shekels in tax deductible contributions from United States donors was used to support such families. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service was also looking into Honenu’s activities.

“We can’t help the families, we can only deal with the legal aspect,” a Honenu fundraiser told a Haaretz reporter who phoned undercover. “We’re under a magnifying glass, so we can’t give anything beyond legal aid.”

David Steger – Matzav.com Israel


  1. So IRS is trying to take away the charity status from Honenu in order to decrease the donations? Meanwhile, the American taxpayers’ money(confiscated, not donated) goes to pay the islamonazi pawestinian terrorists’ pensions and family support. Thank you, President Hussein.


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