Ring in Shawarma Delays Israeli Wedding

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shawarmaHadas and Tzachi Medina from Yavneh planned their wedding down to the smallest detail, together. Yet, they never imagined that minutes before their wedding, the kallah’s wedding ring would go missing.

The kesubah was prepared and signed, and the kallah’wanted the chupah to begin…when they realized the ring wasn’t on its pillow (where it was supposed to be for safe keeping).

The drama ensued during long, anxiety laden minutes at the  wedding hall in Yavneh, as the couple and their families frantically searched for the missing ring. The kallah’tried to keep from crying.

The officiating rov tried to buy time by starting to sing.

Just when the nervous kallah’was about to burst out in hysterics, a waiter who was serving food from the smorgasbord found it — in the middle of the shawarma he was cutting.

No explanation was given how the ring ended up in the shawarma, yet everyone was relieved – and the wedding of Hadas and Tzachi continued without a hitch.

As we say here in Israel….החיים בלאפה.


{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel}


  1. who says it was the same ring owned by the choson, and even if it appeared to be, it is a whole question since it was lost and yiyush shlo midas. i hope he made a new kinyan on it before giving it to the kalah.

  2. #3 Yes, Sephardim DO fast on the day of their weddings, except Rosh Chodesh, which is the norm!
    Mazal Tov and much hatzlacha and bracha to the new couple, and may they be zocher to build a bait neeman b’Yisrael! Amen!


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