RIP-OFF: PA Wants to Charge Cabbies $4 to Pick Up at NYC Airports

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The Port Authority on Tuesday announced a sweeping proposal for fare and toll hikes across all its bridges, tunnels and trains to support its infrastructure improvements and rising construction costs.

The increases would also come with a host of policy changes, including a new “ground transportation access fee” at the region’s three major airports, a $4 charge for both pickups and drop-offs in ride-hail services and a $4 pickup fee for taxi trips. At the same time, airport AirTrain fares would also jump from $5 to $7.75.

The changes will take effect at varying times, between this November and late 2020, and are subject to the Port Authority board’s approval.Read more.



  1. Who to tax and how much to tax is one big game and the only time “fairness” comes into play is as lip service.
    Who to tax:
    1) The rich (this is where the term “their fair share” is most used).
    2) Smokers, drinkers and gamblers (let’s feel virtuous while gouging with these “sin taxes”).
    3) “The other guy”, e.g. out-of-state motorists, tourists and others who user our hotels, those who live and vote elsewhere but work here.

    Who not to tax:
    1) Those represented by unions or influential organizations.
    2) Those capable of raising a loud, public fuss.
    3) Those who are likely to vote and whose vote is likely to be influenced by said tax.

  2. “PA Wants to Charge Cabbies” They’re really charging us as the cabbies will forward the charge to the customer. We the wealthy people they can afford to fly on a plane are the criminals (in the eyes of the socialist NY government) that should pay


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