Rise Up Ocean County Responds To Condemnation With More Anti Semitic Tropes

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In a Facebook post this week, the Rise Up Ocean County group responded to a resolution adopted by the freeholder board which condemned the group’s antisemitic actions by resorting to more antisemitic tropes.:

“Not since Benedict Arnold defected to the British and abandoned George Washington have we seen a betrayal as egregious as that perpetrated today by the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Okay, that might be a bit dramatic given that what took place was expected but, today the Freeholders sold out Ocean County for a few sheqels and a Lakewood Vaad endorsement for two candidates that will likely struggle in November.”

A sheqel or shekel which was the common word for money in ancient times and the currency of modern Israel, is a term used by antisemitic online groups to refer to Jews as money hungry an corrupt.

The Facebook post also featured the five freeholders with the words: “TRAITORS TRADERS” emblazoned above their portraits.

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  1. Why isn’t Fakebook taking them down? This group definitely violates the rules. Oh, I forgot, Fakebook doesn’t enforce its own rules against Jewhaters.

  2. The seforim ha’kedoshim say that the final stage of Galus Edom will reflect that of galus Yavan. We all know that galus Yavan was the only one to take place IN Eretz Yisroel, and was the only one where the enemies, so-to-speak, were Yidden (mis-Yavnim). The implication is clear. HaShem Yiracheim.


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