Rivlin and Netanyahu Meet After Two-Month Machlokes


netanyahu-rivlinErev Shabbos Parshas Haazinu was the first time in two months that Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Ruvi Rivlin held a routine update meeting at the president’s residence, Ynet reports.

The meeting was the first held since July 17, and marked the end to a long rift between the two. The leaders discussed the regional diplomatic situation, recent occurrences, the fight against terror, and the current security situation in Jerusalem.

The two agreed to maintain contact in order to act conjointly in the interest of combating the current challenges facing Israel.

Contrary to custom, Netanyahu and Rivlin had not met in nearly two months, mainly due to the sullied relations between the two, and the tensions which arose after Rivlin’s criticism of Netanyahu’s handling of the Iran deal.

There is a sharp difference of opinion between Rivlin and Netanyahu on the issue of US-Israeli relations. Rivlin fears that Netanyahu has caused serious damage to ties between the allies. Among other instances, Rivlin criticized Netanyahu’s decision to speak before congress behind President Obama’s back. Behind closed doors the president has also expressed concern over Netanyahu’s refusal to enter negotiations for a compensation package with the Americans over the Iran nuclear deal.

It’s no secret that there’s not much love between the two, Ynet adds. Netanyahu was openly against Rivlin’s election to presidency, and Rivlin was deeply hurt. But the two have since managed to maintain a somewhat function relationship.

In a past interview Rivlin was asked if he ever has dinners with the prime minister, as was the case during Peres’s presidency. The president answered in his typically humorous style: “I eat with my friends.”

{Matzav.com Israel}


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