Rivlin: ‘Worried’ About Netanyahu’s Relationship With US


israeli-president-rivlinIsraeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is handling Israel’s dispute with the U.S. over the Iran nuclear deal in a “worrying” manner, President Reuven Rivlin said in an interview, Arutz Sheva reports.

In a pointed interview with Maariv to be published Friday, Rivlin said that “the Prime Minister is managing the issue with the U.S. as if we are equals. This could hurt Israel.”

In Israel, the president’s job is ceremonial and administrative, and Rivlin says in the interview that he does not mean to criticize Netanyahu. “I must say that he understands matters relating to the United States much better than I, but I also must say that we are, on this issue, very isolated in the world.

“When there is prime minister and a president in two democratic countries that dig in on an issue like this, it is very worrying,” said Rivln. “I am not among those who usually become hysterical, but for the first time I see we are isolated.”

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  1. let obama dig out he treats bibi as a serf the way jews have been treated through the centuries and obama is wrong he s a muslim and a communist which is an oximoron and that creates schizophrenia

  2. So it is Netanyahu’s issue with the US as opposed to Obama’s issue with Israel(and the rest of civilized world)?! Are we supposed to know our place and entrust safety of our children into the hands of fools and scoundrels? If Rivlin had his way, we’d be all obediently marching into the ovens.

  3. It is true that Israel and the United States are not equals. However, as in every relationship it is not that simple. Sometimes the perceived “lesser” has something that the perceived “bigger” needs and can’t live without. This is certainly true in this case – whether it be intelligence or Israel’s unique ability to enhance the hardware that the U.S. provides it, which Israel has shared with the U.S. Israel has been invaluable to the U.S. in terms of teaching the U.S. how to prevent terrorist attacks on the homeland. I will not even begin to talk about the U.S.’ historical role in protecting the only democracy in the Middle East.

    But as in every relationship there is only so much compensation that one party can make for the other party. It is time that Jews in the Diaspora and in Israel accept with whom we are dealing when we say the U.S. How can the President or U.S. citizens accept a country as a trustworthy partner when they say “Death to America”? ??

    At the end of the day, we must learn from history. We cannot ignore what our enemies say and we cannot put our trust in those who choose to ignore what their/our enemies say. Im ein ani li – mi li? But we have a tendency to always blame our own when Goyim mistreat us. Again, we must learn from history and stop making the same mistakes!

    We trust in Hashem and daven that He puts the right thoughts in our leaders’ minds and keep us out of harm’s way – internally and externally…

  4. Most of the disarmament experts in the world, and many if not most of them in Israel, agree with Obama’s approach over Netanyahu’s. Former Mossad chief Efraim Halevi said in an interview: I think the United States scored a great success in creating this international coalition to face down the nuclear threat which threatens the world at large. The president put together a coalition of the five-plus-one, of all the permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany. And despite a variety of other issues which the world is seized with, including grave differences between the United States and Russia in the last few years, the president has kept the coalition on the issue, the nuclear threat, together.
    When the issue of the nuclear threat became centerpiece in the international diplomacy field, it was agreed and understood that the nuclear issue would be separated from every other issue on the agenda because it was built as a threat which is different in nature and in character from any other threats which Israel is facing vis-a-vis Iran. And therefore, this matter in itself, alone, would be negotiated without any other issues attached. And I think there was a logic in this because if you want to negotiate terrorism, if you want to negotiate efforts of Iran to obtain hegemony in the Middle East, this is going to take years and years. And the international community is not going to stand by and wait for this to happen. Russia and China, who are part of the coalition, are close friends of Iran and have been major supporters of their military capabilities. Russia and China were not going to sit idly by and just wait until ultimately these negotiations are consummated, by which time the Iranians would already have built a nuclear arsenal.
    A large number of former Israeli intelligence and military leaders signed a petition telling Netanyahu that he would be far better off accepting the deal and having more input into how it’s implemented. On another level, I saw a report that last year’s Gaza war came to an end because the White House stopped supplying needed ammunition and other military supplies that the Israeli army had run low on, and when White House sources were asked why they weren’t giving more in spite of a commitment to do so, they were told, “Ask your Prime Minister.” There’s only so far that it’s a good idea to antagonize the President. Israel survived the Yom Kippur war only because Nixon overruled his advisers and sent desperately needed military supplies, and it probably wan’t unconnected with the fact that when Nixon was under ferocious attacks that eventually forced him to resign, Goldie Mayerson called him “the greatest leader the world has ever known”

  5. Thanks to our Muslim commander-in-chief, the USA is no longer a world power, rather a laughing stock to the world. Israel should not pay attention to the US anymore. Ain Lonu L’hisha’ein Ela Al Avinu Shebashomayim!

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