RJC Calls For Ouster of Obama Campaign’s Radical Female Rabbi

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rabbi-lynn-gottliebThe Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) today expressed profound outrage at the inclusion of radical “rabbi” Lynn Gottlieb on the official list released by the Obama campaign of “Rabbis for Obama.”

Gottlieb has a long and troubling history, which includes dining with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, being the first American “rabbi” to visit Tehran, and serving in an organization, Jewish Voice for Peace, which the Anti-Defamation League has called one of the “top ten anti-Israel groups.”

By promoting and showcasing Gottlieb as one of Pres. Obama’s supporters, the Obama campaign lends legitimacy and credibility to a rabbi whose extreme views are well beyond the mainstream of the Jewish community and the mainstream of America.

According to RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks, there can be only two explanations for her inclusion in the list: 1) the Obama campaign failed to properly vet the rabbis on their official list, or 2) they did properly vet the rabbis and chose to ignore Rabbi Gottlieb’s radical views.

Either way, this speaks volumes about the Obama campaign’s judgment and the RJC calls on the Obama campaign to immediately remove her from any formal or official involvement in the campaign.

The fact that the campaign announced Gottlieb’s participation in “Rabbis for Obama” at around the same time that it was announced that former President Jimmy Carter – who has met with Hamas and has been a virulent critic of Israel – will speak at the Democratic Convention, highlights not only the insensitivity of the Obama campaign to the concerns of the Jewish community, but also underscores why Pres. Obama has seen a significant erosion of support among Jewish voters.

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  1. I don’t know if HaShem would want you calling one of his children a “dog.” She may be a horrible person, but as my rebbe taught me, calling human beings dogs is disrespecting the briah. Is it okay for the Nazis to call us dogs? No, so you surely shouldn’t call another Jews a dog, Palin.

  2. I don’t know if HaShem would want you calling one of his children a “dog.”

    If you don’t know, keep quiet! Don’t show everyone what kind of am ha’aretz you are!

  3. Obama is very shrewd. You can’t call him an anti-semite or a hater of Israel if he surrounds himself with JEWS THAT ARE EVEN WORSE THAN HE IS! Unfortunately, there are plenty of those. He claims he likes the Jews, that he is a friend of Israel- and he is! At least he is no less of a friend and supporter than his self-hating Jewish advisers.

  4. This woman is an example of what the world produces in an era and climate of unrealism and a disgraceful application of women’s rights to the underlying concentration of dignity that is being blasted out of proportion by the collegial left of our society.
    Its the by product of the era we live and we can not hold her to be the common source of all integrity issues in Israel.

    That said, its a shame that we have this type of reluctant advisor to our people, but reality tells us that the people are able to think for them selves.


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