RJC Slams White House Push For Palestinian State

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The Republican Jewish Coalition slammed the Biden administration for its “growing pressure” on Israel to support the creation of a Palestinian state.

“Genuine solidarity with Israel requires a clear understanding of the difficult realities confronting the people and government of the Jewish state,” stated Norm Coleman and Matt Brooks, national chairman and CEO respectively of the RJC.

“Today, Israel is at war against the monstrous terrorists who perpetrated the Oct. 7 atrocities, dozens of Israelis remain captives of Hamas, and no Palestinian faction has condemned the horror that led to the current crisis,” the two RJC leaders stated jointly.

They also noted that Israelis are unified across ideological divides in defeating the Hamas terror organization and rescuing as many as 136 hostages still being held captive in the Gaza Strip.

“Until those objectives are accomplished, pressuring the Jewish state to make irreversible and potentially perilous long-term diplomatic commitments is a grave failure to live up to America’s proud history of standing with Israel against its deadly enemies,” said the RJC heads.

“Let’s be clear: As long as the Palestinian Authority is still rewarding terrorist murderers through its massive ‘pay-for-slay’ subsidies and refusing to condemn the Oct. 7 atrocities, it remains unfit to administer a Palestinian state,” the two added. JNS


  1. Finally some sanity. Exactly how dare anyone demand statehood for a people whose leaders pay their citizens for acts of murder


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