RNC To Support Moore In Senate Race In Alabama, Weeks After Cutting Ties With His Campaign

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President Donald Trump led an aggressive charge Monday on behalf of embattled Senate nominee Roy Moore, with the Republican National Committee rejoining Moore’s side in Alabama weeks after cutting ties with him following allegations of misconduct.

Before dawn, Trump took to Twitter to declare his strongest support yet for Moore. By day’s end, the RNC was back in his corner and America First Action, a pro-Trump group, said it would spend $1.1 million to try to push Moore across the finish line.

Senate Republican leaders, however, remained critical of Moore, warning that the former judge is likely to face an immediate ethics probe if he is elected next week.

Even if Moore is largely ostracized by his Senate colleagues, the support of the president could make him an influential figure in Washington – a point he appeared determined to emphasize on Monday.

“I look forward to fighting alongside the President to #MAGA!” Moore wrote on Twitter, using the acronym for Trump’s signature campaign theme, “Make America Great Again.”

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  1. A party that is supposed to be about “family values” and taking a morally superior stand for the family is now flip-flopping and backing a person with multiple accusations of harrassment of underage girls!!! Does the GOP acutally stand for ANYTHING other than re-distributing wealth to the wealthy?

    • The key is they are accusations. Forty-year old accusations. Not proven by anyone.

      Whereas, the mushchosim on the other side of the aisle have ADMITTED to improprieties. And, while Mr. Conyers has thankfully resigned, Mr. Franken still sits in Congress.

      • “Not proven by anyone.”
        Multiple accusers with corroborating witnesses aren’t evidence? Hope you don’t have a bar exam coming up anytime soon.

    • These “accusations” are old tricks to get rid of people, teachers, etc. In Moore’s case the women admitted receiving payment for their fabrications. Get your facts straight before posting fake news’ lies.

      • “In Moore’s case the women admitted receiving payment for their fabrications. “
        That is a flat-out lie. It’s a claim being made by disreputable bloggers with no evidence whatsoever.

    • …and the party that supposedly defends women, minorities and other disadvantaged people had no problem defending Bill Clinton and smearing his accusers as liars and lunatics. Furthermore, look at how Nancy Pelosi waffled about demanding John Conyers step down now that he’s been credibly accused.
      Bottom line – both parties are dirty and hypocritical as can be when it comes to virtue. Whatever our reasons for leaning left or right, personal tzidkus (or even a principled stand) by any political party sure ain’t part of it.

  2. The point is, if Moore gets elected and then later on gets tossed out, the Republican Governor gets to appoint the replacement. So it’s a win win for the the GOP regardless. As far as righteous politicians? Learn from the Democrats: it’s all about WINNING! Only sleazy humans run for office to get into a low paying political job. EVERY politician is an arrogant lowlife with a low self-esteem. That IS the prerequisite.


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