Rochel Mevaka – Our Mother Can Cry For You!



Yartzeit this Shabbos – Take advantage now! Nothing pierces the heavens like the tears and tefillos of a yiddishe maame, let alone the maame of all yidden, Rochel Imeinu. Yes, the Rochel Imeinu who so selflessly gave away her simanim. The Rochel Imeinu who was buried in isolation in Bais Lechem, so that she can daven on behalf of her children when in galus. 

We are mere days away from Rochel Imeinu’s yartzeit, 11 Cheshvan, which comes out on Shabbos Parshas Lech Lecha. Year after year, yidden of all stripes flock to Kever Rachel on this vaunted day to daven for all that weighs on their hearts. However, since it falls out on Shabbos, the Kever will be closed and empty, except…

While no one else can be physically present, the Vaad HaRabbanim L’inyanei Tzedaka is enabling every member of klal Yisroel, from around the world, to have his/her tefillos recited at the Kever on that special day!

Following extensive lobbying, authorities have allowed a Vaad HaRabbanim delegation exclusive access to Kever Rochel over the entire Shabbos. Vaad HaRabbanim L’inyanei Tzedaka is the preeminent chessed organization in Eretz Yisroel. Each year, it distributes over 23,000 food packages to hungry families; financially assists nearly 5,000 almanos and yesomim; assists over 12,000 yidden with medical treatment and rehabilitation; and provides tutoring and mentoring for approximately 3,000 children. Who better represents Rochel Imeinu’s legacy? 

For donations of $36 and up, you can submit a name to be davened for, as well as any specific tefillah (children, health, parnassah, etc.) that you desire. The climax of the tefillos will be at the time of hadlokas haneiros, when the mothers of klal Yisroel have immeasurable powers. No doubt, the combination of the highest forms of tefillah and tzedaka will storm shamayim. B’ezras Hashem, as countless other Vaad HaRabbanim supporters could attest, many yeshuos will be seen.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Please take a moment to visit to submit your special tefillah request before this opportunity passes. May Hashem bring yeshuos b’karov! 


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