Rock Concert at Local Stadium Keeps Lakewood Residents Up on Friday Night

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Over 80,000 are expected to attend back-to-back weekends of rock festivals at First Energy Park (Blue Claws Stadium) in Lakewood, NJ, the first of which is taking place this weekend, having begun on Friday night and concluding tomorrow evening, the eve of Rosh Hashanah.

Among the thousands of excited celebrants one cannot include the thousands of residents who live within a mile or two radius of the stadium, who were kept awake on Friday night by the loud music emanating from the stadium, which could be heard for great distances around.

When this event was first announced, some residents expressed concern about the traffic issues it would cause, especially in light of Sunday being Erev Yom Tov. The concern of the volume of the music was not mentioned at the time.

In fact, say residents, the music was so loud and incessant that children were kept up until late at night as the rock music continued hour after hour unabated.

“It sounded like it was coming from right outside my door,” a resident of Somerset Walk related. “It was only went I went outside that I realized it was coming from the stadium.”

Another resident, who lives in The Woods, off of Cedar Bridge Avenue, was likewise perturbed.

“I don’t even know what time the banging stopped, as I twisted and turned in bed,” he said, “but it was no earlier than about midnight. It’s hard to believe that such noise is allowed at that level at that time of day and for hours on end.”

Advertisement for the event touted Friday night’s event as a “a magical evening that will feature rock legends…to kick off an amazing weekend of good times and great family fun. The concert will begin at 6 p.m. Three stages of non-stop music!”

Non-stop it was, despite rainfall and inclement weather, which didn’t seem to impact the event at the open-air stadium at the corner of New Hampshire and Cedar Bridge Avenues.

We are told that local officials are aware of these concerns and are taking them very seriously. More information will be forthcoming.

{D. Newscenter}


  1. Loud is not the word. My house, which is about 3/4 a mile away was literally vibrating till midnight. I never had anything like it. My kids were petrified. It was a nightmare, even worse than this report makes it like

  2. I live near the stadium as well. It’s extremely disturbing and inconsiderate to the hundreds if not thousands of local residents. There munt be a way to put a stop to this! Not to mention the weekly fireworks Friday night which sounds like we’re living in a war zone!

  3. I was also kept up on Friday night and heard it on spruce street all day…
    Baruch HaShem we have a stadium that brings a lot of business into our town as we were promised when it was being built. of course that was a farce and all we are left with is noise and disturbed weekends

  4. It could be like living near a simcha hall but in Lakewood the hall that is near homes must have the music off by 11. The music is also indoors and much lower than this is.

  5. Sorry. This is much worse than a simcha hall. The noise is insane. The stadium has no roof. Th noise has been going for hours today non stop. Didn’t stop last night till 11:30. If it were noise from a simcha hall, all the non Jews in the area would not tolerate it!

  6. I was kept up as well…

    On Lag Ba’Omer. There was a large bonfire with loud music well into the night about half a mile up the road from me.

    And on Purim I was kept up the night of Megilla and the night of Shushan Purim from a Yeshiva that is two blocks away from me.

    And the Simchas Beis Hashoeva on Sukkus at the shul around the corner has the neighborhood awake into the wee hours of the morning.

    And there are more mesibos, siyumim, parties, etc, throughout the year as well.

    Let’s vent our frustrations on this township and this Medina Shel Chesed that allows us to hold our events unencumbered while lambasting the ones that are not suited for us.

  7. By deleting and PC’ing the main part of my comment doesn’t enhance the conversation. Apparently, you little kinderlach that run this website are a bunch of immature idiots.

  8. the noise was bad but everyone should take a deep breath. its not the enbd of the world. and the officials will be doing something about it. stay cool till then

  9. the stadium was there long before the houses.if noise was a concern , maybe you should have looked somewhere else to live. i dont believe that area was intended for housing.

  10. The difference between simcha halls lag baimer etc is that those venues are for lakewood residents while they offend others they are for lakewood by lakewood. This concert was not for lakewood

  11. #1. Just remember who voted for the ball park. We did!!

    #2. Who was there first the ballpark or the complainers?

    #3. We keep our neighbors up quite nicely as well, so for the few times a year the ballpark had extra noise, live with it.

  12. How often are their rock concert? 5 times a year is nothing. Living near Stadiums, Shuls, lag Bomer areas are going to be noisy.

    Lakewood nor any neighborhood is UTOPIA, live & let live! Buy earplugs, noise machines, close all windows & relax it will be over soon. Can’t be compared to rockets & bombs hitting all hours 24/7 the residents around Sederot! Life has challenges!!

  13. I live next door to a shul that I don’t daven in, and never wanted. I bought my house before the shul was built. My children are always kept up at night from the noise from the shul. GALUS!!! HELP!!!

  14. @Normal

    How, precisely, do you quantify what number of residents have to be a part of something in order to justify it being a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood.

    The Lag Ba’omer Bonfire, the Simchas Beis Ha’shoeiva, the Purim Mesibos, etc, that I mentioned were for a handful of residents – several dozen at best. But they kept awake an entire neighborhood comprised of many hundreds of individuals; expectant women, babies and children amongst them.

    Every single person that I spoke to was disappointed about last year’s Lag Ba’omer party. And the people that I spoke to were Jewish. We can all imagine how the non Jewish residents of this neighborhood felt.

    I just don’t understand why the fact that something is made by a resident of Lakewood, and is intended to be for the residents of Lakewood, it has more of a right to cause a public disturbance and rob people of their sleep, rest, peace and quiet.

  15. To comment SUSHI # 11, this is what u say “Let’s vent our frustrations on this township” to be honest with u, the term “township” was once a long time ago here @ Lkwd, it is Not a Township anymore, my friend, Lkwd is a city already, it’s time to start remembering that, a township is long gone, there are way over 100k ppl in Lkwd, so when u say Township to me it’s 1 big joke, this is a city & its time to treat Lkwd like 1, have a blessed, successful, lots health wealth & happiness new year

  16. Hey isn’t that an INDUSTRIAL zoned area?!? Not a residential area….deal with it! If you decided to move to an industrial zone that was your choice.

  17. If you live in Manalapan /Englishtown you move in knowing that Raceway Park will bring noise. The Blue Claws stadium has been hosting concerts occasionally since they opened, which was easy before ALL those developments are built . Buyer beware. Friday the music started at 7:45 and ended at 11:00…Saturday we left after last band and we were in the car before’s a stadium… What do you expect?!?!

  18. Tough!! You moved near a stadium, deal with it. Next you’ll be complaining about the airport that has been there forever! Move to NYC, then complain you hear too many sirens. Some people are never happy, unless they get their way!!

  19. A promotion company rented the stadium for the concert. All permits were obtained from Lakewood Township including permits for a cut-off time to stop playing and a permit for how many decibels were allowed. Many calls came in to the Lakewood Police on Saturday night. They sent out officers with a decibel machine and took readings from the center of the parking lot. All readings came in UNDER the allowed noise level. So how can anyone who lives further away be complaining. Get real, it’s not all about you.


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