Rockefeller Foundation Offers $1 Billion for Coronavirus Recovery

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The Rockefeller Foundation announced on Monday that it would commit $1 billion, the largest single commitment in its century-long history, to help the world recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Using its own endowment, proceeds from a bond offering, and private investments, the organization will hone-in on increasing access to coronavirus testing, vaccines, and green energy for the over 800 million people who lack access to electricity around the globe.

“There’s no going back to the past, to before-Covid. We need to reimagine the future we want,” said Foundation president Rajiv Shah in a statement. “To meet this moment, we must leverage all our resources and relationships to build an equitable, sustainable future, where everyone has the opportunity to realize their full potential and climate disaster is avoided. The time to act is right now to make sure vulnerable children and families are included in the pandemic response and recovery.”

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  1. Coronavirus is a hoax and masks don’t protect for viruses. Not one poster here who believe in these nonsense has refuted it. Once this corona nonsense will stop, will this foundation offer money for recovery for the flu, pneumonia and other sicknesses that coronaviruses has killed for this year?

  2. Would anybody in the world, SHAMEFULLY INCLUDING ISRAEL, be “diagnosed” as having coronavirus had hospitals not received $13,000 thousand dollars / and the equivalent in shekels for each coronavirus patients,
    PLUS $37,000 thousand dollars / and the equivalent in shekels for each use of the killing machines aka ventilators,
    PLUS about $9,000 thousand dollars / and the equivalent in shekels for each person who died from coronavirus? This is the reason hospitals, SHAMEFULLY INCLUDING ISRAEL, are murdering patients.


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