Rockland: Anti-Yeshiva Activist Plays Key Role in Schoenberger Campaign

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rt-59-monseyRockland, NY – While some establishment leaders in the Chassidic community are considering lining up behind Ilan Schoenberger’s County Executive campaign, has learned exclusively that an anti-yeshiva activist who signed a petition accusing the Orthodox members of the school board of segregation and discrimination is playing a key role in Schoenberger’s campaign.

Jennifer Discepolo of Airmont is a key part of Schoenberger’s campaign team.  On Monday, July 15th, Discepolo filed challenges to the campaign petitions of county executive candidates Ed Day, David Fried and Dagan Lacorte.  (See here.)

Discepolo viciously opposes the Orthodox school board in East Ramapo.  In January of this year, she joined the petition circulated by Steve White of the Power of Ten (see page 62 here). The Power of Ten group condemns “Haredi domination” of the East Ramapo (see here). White is a leading anti-yeshiva activist in Ramapo.  The petition states that “School board members have diverted funds to promote religious schools and gutted the funding of the public schools. They have discriminated against and segregated students on the basis of race and religion.”

Discepolo is an active supporter of Shoenberger, donating $900 to Schoenberger on January 21, 2013 (see here).

Additionally, while Schoenberger represents New Square and is elected solely by frum voters, he blasted the school board for considering the sale of a property to a yeshiva (see here).

(L. Kaplan-Matzav Newscenter)


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