Rockland County: 9 Yeshivas Fined $70G Over Measles Vaccination Records

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Nine yeshivas in Rockland County have been fined a combined $70,200 for failing to provide student measles vaccination records.

The schools were ordered to submit the records during a measles outbreak in which there were currently 96 confirmed cases and three under investigation as of Wednesday, according to Rockland health officials.

Schools with less than an 80 percent vaccination rate in Monsey, Spring Valley and New Square also were required to keep students home until after a 21-day incubation period.

The fines were brought against schools that failed to provide the required weekly lists.

Here are the yeshivas and their civil penalties:

Yeshiva Ohr Torah – $6,950
Bais Chana Malka – $5,950
The Skill Building Center – $5,750
Yeshiva Tzoin Yosef Pupa (Boys) – $6,950
Yeshiva Tzoin Yosef Pupa (Girls) – $6,950
Ateres Bnos – $24,750
Avir Yakov (Boys and girls) – $5,950
Bnei Yakov Yosef – $6,950



    • Just two shots of MMR vaccine for a lifetime immunity. There is no need to vaccinate “often” for measles. Flu vaccine is the only one requiring annual shots, because of specifics of flu virus mutations, though scientists are working on a once in a lifetime flu vaccine that would target all flu mutations. Please stop spreading idiotic rumors.

      • “Just two shots of MMR vaccine for a lifetime immunity” while adults who received the 2 shots are getting the measles now. How do you explain that? Idiotic rumors? Who’s the idiot?

        • Dear 4:34am, there are no vaccinated adults without immunological diseases who are “getting the measles now”. 99% of the current measles cases are among the unvaccinated. Please stop repeating another idiotic rumor.

          • That’s NOT true. ALL those adults who recently got the measles, were all vaccinated as children. Get your facts straight before posting.

          • That’s NOT true. ALL those adults who recently got the measles, were all vaccinated as children. Some of them I even know. Get your facts straight before posting.

          • Dear 1:05 who repeated oneself at 1:06, bring sources and names. The fact is that 99% of the currently infected were unvaccinated. Bring sources if you claim the fact is different. Otherwise, stop spreading idiotic rumors.

  1. Schools are required to keep updated records on all registered students. Everyone remember the school packet we receive in August-September to be filled out. Any responsible school should have these annual records on file. They include medical immunizations, etc.

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