Rockland County Declares State Of Emergency Over Measles Outbreak, Will Bar Unvaccinated From Public Places

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Rockland County is declaring of state of emergency Tuesday over the ongoing measles outbreak and barring unvaccinated people from public places.

Rockland Executive Ed Day will announce the emergency at 2 p.m..

Effective at the stroke of midnight, Wednesday, March 27, anyone who is under 18 years of age and is not vaccinated against the measles will be barred from public places until this declaration expires in 30 days or until they receive the MMR vaccination.

It is unclear how the rule will be enforced.

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  1. Barring unvaccinated people from public places has become illegal since the beginning of 2019 when President Trump declared coercing of injecting dangerous vaccine to be unconstitutional.

    • Trump is a stupid anti-vaxxer but he did NOT forbid mandatory vaccines. Don’t give him any ideas, though.

      Vaccines are not dangerous except in very rare cases of medical contraindications. Rockland should be commended for requiring quarantine of all unvaccinated people. There is no more easily spread disease than measles.

      • “Trump is a stupid anti-vaxxer…”
        No he isn’t, certainly not by its conventional definition. For whatever reason, President Trump seems to think that vaccines can be harmful when they’re administered in large combined dosages, but he is actually pro-vaccination:

        This is not a defense of Trump’s opinion, which is very wrong and may be even less common than that of the true anti-vaxxers’. The interjection of the word “Stupid”, unless used in reference to all antivaxxers (not merely their antivaxx opinions), is a reflection of the author’s Trump-hatred.

  2. “when President Trump declared coercing of injecting dangerous vaccine to be unconstitutional.”

    Interpreting the constitutionality of law is the right of the supreme court not the president.

  3. I got my flu shot so I’m good. No worries. I’m protected. I’ll sleep like a baby tonight. It’s only you rodfim that have to be scared.

    • I suggest you read the book Vaccines and Autoimmunity by Yehuda Schoenfeld, M.D., et. al. He compiled articles written by scientists and medical doctors who researched many studies on the relationship between vaccines and autoimmune disorders. Their outcome from these studies is that there is a causal-effect relationship between toxins in vaccines, such as mercury and aluminum and the increase in auto-immune diseases. BH, you feel you can sleep like a baby tonight, however, there are thousands of people who have been injured by vaccines that have been denied that luxury. Also, Rockland County state of “emergency” is unconstitutional and the people who refuse to vaccinate their children should sue the county. Socialism and Fascism are slowly creeping into our country, C’V. Don’t let these rofdim enforce laws that are unconstitutional. Don’t be gullible into believing they have our interests at heart. Don’t be surprised that this is just a cover for anti-semitism.


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