Rogue Monkey Cuts Power to All of Kenya

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A single monkey caused a nationwide blackout in Kenya on Tuesday after going rogue at the country’s biggest hydroelectric station.

The mayhem began around midday, when the monkey fell onto a transformer and tripped it, causing a domino effect as all the other machines at the Gitaru power station suffered an overload and failed. As a result, the entire country was left without electricity for four hours. The monkey, however, was left unscathed by the ordeal and taken in by the Kenyan Wildlife Service.

The company that owns the plant, KenGen, announced that it would be “enhancing security” on the premises after the mishap. Read more at BBC News.



  1. Well this is clearly pay back for the killing of Harambe. I can perfectly understand that. Let them vent a little.

  2. I wonder if he isn’t part of a Monkey Business Cell that did it in revenge for killing
    The gorilla in the Ohio zoo


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