Romney, Gingrich Rip President Obama For Taking 10-Day Vacation While Economy Crumbles


romney-obamaPresident Obama is trading the stump for the surf today – and he’s getting an earful about taking a family vacation from some of his Republican rivals.

Obama has no business spending 10 days on swanky Martha’s Vineyard while the country’s struggling and 14 million Americans are out of work, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney complained.

“If you’re the President of the United States, and the nation is in crisis, and we’re in a jobs crisis right now, then you shouldn’t be out vacationing,” Romney told Chicago’s WLS radio.

Never mind that Romney is heading to the island for a $2,500-per-head fund-raiser on Aug. 27, and that his travel plans include stops to raise more dough at swanky vacation getaways like Nantucket and Cape Cod.

Romney has made so many trips to his $10 million vacation pad on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee that has dubbed his frequent absences from the campaign trail the “Mittness Protection Program.”

Romney also owns a $12 million beachfront getaway in La Jolla, Calif., north of San Diego.

By contrast, Obama rents the 28-acre estate his family stays at on Martha’s Vineyard – which costs up to $40,000 per week, Politico reported.

Unlike Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, who also got grief for vacationing at the family estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, Obama doesn’t own a vacation home.

Another GOP contender, Newt Gingrich, flat out insisted Obama “ought to cancel his vacation – period.”

Then Gingrich announced he’s taking his floundering campaign to Hawaii this weekend – which happens to coincide with his 11th wedding anniversary.

Key members of Gingrich’s campaign staff quit in June after their boss took off on a Greek cruise with his wife.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said the American people don’t begrudge Obama a family vacation.

Besides, said Carney, “there’s no such thing as a presidential vacation – the presidency travels with you.”

{NY Daily News/ Newscenter}


  1. Where were they when Pres. Bush was hanging out in Texas while New Orleans was drowning? Of course they don’t remember Ike playing golf in the middle of the Cold War.

    Please, let’s get serious about political issues. Obama is only one-third of the government. The third that actually makes the laws is Congress. Are our representatives skipping their – we hope – well-earned vacations? Let’s have some substance in our political debates for a change.

  2. how much will he spend on this vacation???
    If he was a real man, he would go away and not spend alot and make that known. We need leaders, not vacation spenders. He is just pathetic.


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