Romney: Obama ‘Out Of Touch’ On ISIS

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romney-obamaFormer Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Sunday ripped into President Obama for his handling of the Islamic State militant group and other foreign policy decisions, accusing the president several times of being “out of touch.”

Romney, who lost to Obama in the 2012 presidential election, eschewed several opportunities during a “Fox News Sunday” interview to revisit his assertions during the campaign that Russia was the United States’ biggest geopolitical threat, in light of Moscow’s recent foray into Ukraine.

Romney said he’s instead focused on U.S. foreign policy today, including what to do about the rise of Islamic State militants.

“I think the president is really out of touch with reality,” Romney said. “He’s so out of touch with reality that he hasn’t taken the necessary steps. … He’s too busy on the golf course. I don’t know if you can see the reality from the fairway, but he doesn’t see reality.”

Romney said Obama has known for at least a year about the Islamic State threat, yet has taken no action and has not developed a strategy to deal with the militants.

“The president has a very different foreign policy than what the United States has had over the past 60 years,” Romney said. “It’s based on common humanity, and humanity is not common. … Bad people do bad things.”

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  1. He is out of touch with his country, with his people, with his duties and obligations, with everything real.
    The only thing he is in touch with is his golf course.
    Oh – I forgot – his vacation extravaganzas too.
    Shame on a country that this his its president

  2. Give it a rest Mitt. You’re not gonna get a do over on 2012. And if you’re silly enough to run again in 2016, it won’t be against him anyway. So stop wasting your energy campaigning against him!!


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