Romney Praises Clinton for Elevating the Democratic Convention


bill-clintonMitt Romney says Bill Clinton’s speech to the Democratic National Convention “really did elevate”that gathering and that the former two-term president might even be able to win another four years in the White House “if the Constitution weren’t in his way.”

Romney’s comments, in an excerpt of an interview with Meet the Press, came as Clinton prepared to campaign for President Barack Obama in key swing states.

So could Clinton win another term?

“If the Constitution weren’t in his way, perhaps. I don’t know the answer to that,” Romney says in the snippet of the exchange, to be broadcast in full on Sunday.

“But he did stand out in contrast with the other speakers. I think he really did elevate the Democrat convention in a lot of ways,” the Republican presidential hopeful says. “And frankly the contrast may not have been as attractive as Barack Obama might have preferred if he were choosing who’d go before him and who’d go after.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. “If the Constitution weren’t in his way, perhaps”

    Hey, Bl$$mberg (with term limits)did it. Just shmear the right people & the law doesn’t matter.Who cares about the dumb stupid tax paying voter? They don’t count.


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