Romney Praises Trump’s First Year In Office: It’s Similar To Things ‘I’d Have Done’

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Former GOP presidential nominee and current Senate candidate Mitt Romney praised President Trump’s first year in office on Tuesday, saying it was similar to what the first year of a Romney administration would look like.

“His first year is very similar to things I’d have done my first year,” Romney said. “The things he’s actually done have been better than I expected.”


Read more at The Hill.



  1. Mittens is such a duffus. Like Biden, why bother posting everything that drivels out of his mouth? He’s just a little jealous baby.

  2. Romney shouldn’t fool himself because he would never have accomplished the first year more than what Obama, Bush and Clinton had accomplished – basically nothing. President Trump accomplished more than any president for at least 100 years.

  3. It was actually Romney that got Trump elected. When people heard this loser say terrible things and try to hurt Trump, they figured we must vote for this guy, he must be good.

    Thanks Romney


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