Romney to Hannity: I Wasn’t Clear Enough How Bad Obama Was for America

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romneyNearly a year after his presidential campaign ended in failure, Mitt Romney says he wasn’t clear enough in 2012 on one basic message: how bad President Obama’s policies are for the American economy.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” the former Massachusetts governor admitted, “I did not make that message clear as I should have during my campaign.”

A Washington Post story on Tuesday revealed that Romney’s own polls throughout the campaign showed he was likely to lose to Obama, even though reports immediately after his loss showed his entire campaign was caught by surprise.

He might not have won the nation’s highest office, but he still has advice for those currently in Washington.

Nothing will get done in government, he said, unless all parties come together. “And this president has not shown that inclination, frankly, since he’s been in office. And the country’s in the balance.”

With a government shutdown more than a week old and a debt ceiling deadline looming, Romney said, “These are real concerns that will affect a lot of people, and the president’s got to engage and work in the job of governing, not just campaigning and posturing.”


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  1. Romney was so petrified of being called a racist by the cable news anchors, that he folded like a cheap camera! Gingrich or Santorum never would of chickened out like that. Dumb Republicans! Hey Vannity, are you still getting your talking points from the Democrats?

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